Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Less than a week!

Definitely time to start packing! So far, all I've done is wash things (how are ALL my clothes dirty?!) and sort my "filing cabinet" (i.e. a canvas bag full of files containing all my boring, grown-up paperwork...).

Wednesday: pack towels and bedding.
Thursday: pack books and makeup/bathroomy stuff
Friday: pack clothes.
Saturday: pack anything that isn't packed yet!

I can't wait!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

12 days to go!

Moving day is still almost two weeks away, but I've started getting ready already! The most interesting (to me, anyway...) bit is my NEW FILOFAX!!! A purple, personal metropol.

The new toy is on the left here, next to my old filofax. The little brown domino baroque pocket filofax has served me well over the last 4 years, but it's always been a little on the small side and the elastic closure is starting to loosen. 
Been dreaming of a personal-size filofax for some time, but with most of them around the £30-40 mark, it's been a purchase that I've had to keep putting off. I love the metropol (snap) closures as well, feels a lot nicer than the domino (elastic) closure, and as you can see in the picture above, after a while the elastic can loosen. A few days ago, someone posted on TSR posted that there were some cheap filofaxes (or is it "filofaxen"?) in TK Maxx - I went along to the one in Sheffield to investigate and hit the jackpot! My dream size and style of filofax, in my favourite colour and less than half price! £12 is a hell of a bargain! For that price, I assumed there would be bits missing and last year's diary, so it was even more of a shock when I got home and found that not only did it contain a brand new July 2012-December 2013 diary, but also two lots of spare paper! 

As it turned out, the timing was perfect as well. Got my timetable through email this week, so that went straight into the new toy! Looks like a nice full week with Fridays off! Although I haven't sorted my seminars out yet... The extra dividers have come in handy as well - not only do I have the "today" marker, but now I've got my diary divided up into three terms - that's going to come in very handy when term starts! 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

19 days to go!

Getting excited now. Still feels like a very long time to wait before I get to move back to Uni, but should really start packing now to avoid last-minute chaos! Going back into halls again for my third year, so that means I know more or less what I do and don't need to bring. Started today by washing all my uni bedding (I've got a single bed there and a double bed at Mother's house, so need different sized sheets and stuff!) it's the first rainless day in a while, so had to make the most of the opportunity to get things dry! Already started my dissertation reading as well. Made a start on it at the end of last term, but it sort of dwindled a little over the summer, so I'm trying to build up the ammount of work I'm doing again before I get back so it's not too big a shock when I get back to uni and start again properly! Only doing a couple of hours a day - feel like I should have gotten a lot more done over the summer. Worrying a little about the ammount of work coming up - it's sounding like a lot of stuff to do. It'll be interesting to see where I can find the time to do it all!