Tuesday, 4 September 2012

19 days to go!

Getting excited now. Still feels like a very long time to wait before I get to move back to Uni, but should really start packing now to avoid last-minute chaos! Going back into halls again for my third year, so that means I know more or less what I do and don't need to bring. Started today by washing all my uni bedding (I've got a single bed there and a double bed at Mother's house, so need different sized sheets and stuff!) it's the first rainless day in a while, so had to make the most of the opportunity to get things dry! Already started my dissertation reading as well. Made a start on it at the end of last term, but it sort of dwindled a little over the summer, so I'm trying to build up the ammount of work I'm doing again before I get back so it's not too big a shock when I get back to uni and start again properly! Only doing a couple of hours a day - feel like I should have gotten a lot more done over the summer. Worrying a little about the ammount of work coming up - it's sounding like a lot of stuff to do. It'll be interesting to see where I can find the time to do it all!

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