Saturday, 20 August 2011

It's that time again!

Getting very excited about going back to Uni, even if it is a whole month away!

Student Finance
Finally got my letter confirming that I can get my loan! Scary stuff waiting for that... Student Finance seem to get worse every year - I know plenty of other people that still haven't got theirs sorted!

Geeking Out
Looking forward to next year FAR too much! Can't wait to get started on planning my time and making a start on my work! I was thinking about getting a new filofax (the one I use at the moment is amazing, but considering getting a slightly larger one) but can't find one I really like. Got my timetables through - tempted to start planning them out already!  I'm terrible about the things I use, so looking forward to buying things like new folders for next year... I'm fussy about what feels "right" to use!

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