Friday, 12 August 2011

Almost next year!

I've been relaxing a lot over the summer, so not much to write about here! But here's the updates:

Student Finance
Oh, this has been a nightmare! They kept sending me offer letters for £0 for next year. Not happy about that at all! Many angry phone calls later, I have a sensible offer of money for next year - only got the forms through today, so they were signed and sent back straight away! 

Exam Results!
I've got no intention of putting my actual results up here because that tends to encourage competitive people and I honestly don't think education ever benefits from being a competition. I'm very happy with my results from last year though - room for improvement, but I know what I need to focus on now! I think that's the most important thing I learned over the past year - how to get my work done!

Next Year
Looking forward to starting again already! September can't come quickly enough for me! I miss being at uni, I miss lectures and seeing people, I miss having my little routines and most of all, I miss living in Nottingham! I'm stuck in the wilds of the Peak District for another month (Which people keep telling me is a good thing. These are usually people who are unaware of how horribly allergic I am to everything here... Feels like I haven't breathed properly since July!)  and can't wait to get out!

Hoping I get to stick with the modules I chose for the next two terms... Autumn I have "Ancient Art In Context" and "Greeks and Barbarians: Connected Histories" to look forward to. I love art and really like the lecturer we're going to have for that course, and the connected histories module sounds very useful - I'd like to know more about Ancient Greek relations with other cultures.

I've decided to stay in halls again this year. It seems so much easier! The halls I'm in are catered, so I don't need to cook (or wash up!) and they're in a really convinient location for me to get into Uni whenever I need to! I've heard a lot of Universities only let you stay in halls for your first year, but Nottingham actually seem to encourage students to stay in halls after their first year - which I like a lot! 

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