Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A little rave...

If you go looking for information from people who have had to deal with Student Finance, there is one word you will get used to seeing very quickly: "Useless". I know so many people that have had horrible problems with Student Finance that there seems little point in saying much more here. They are notoriously slow, difficult and hard to deal with. Adding to the already plentiful list of negative comments about Student Finance seems pointless.

Instead, I want to talk about something good.

The Student Support service at the University of Nottingham have been consistently brilliant. University can be a hugely stressful experience if there are problems and having the ability to solve those problems quickly and efficiently is a wonderful luxury. Every time I've had a problem, I've found the Student Support staff to be friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and practical. There has never been an instance of being told that something is "not their job" - a response that can often throw up obstacles when trying to resolve an issue - instead, when this has been the case, they've put me in touch with someone who is better-suited to help.

Peace of mind can mean everything at times, and the Student Support team seem well aware of this. There has never been an instance where I've been made to feel as if I'm asking a stupid question or being over-cautious. The reassurance that this reliable, approachable and efficient team are there can make a world of difference.

The counselling service is another incredible resource for those who need it. There's a short waiting list due to the huge number of people who use it and the limited resources they have, but they make sure that the service continues to run as efficiently as possible.

It's not something that most people consider when choosing a University, but it's something that has really impressed me while I've been at Nottingham.

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