Tuesday, 24 August 2010

26 days and counting!

I've been trying to keep track of what I've done so far and what I need to do. There's a nagging feeling of "I've forgotten to do something" that just won't go away. So I've been double-checking my done and to-do lists...

-Gotten my acceptance letters from Nottingham Uni and UCAS to confirm I am defiantly on the course.
-Signed, returned and heard back from Student Finance about my loan/grant. I know how much I'm supposed to get and when it should turn up.
-Applied and had a confirmation email about my accommodation. I'm really happy I got my first choice for accommodation. It *is* one of the more expensive halls, but it looks so nice and everything is included, so even if I over-spend I still get dinner and internet!
-Filled out and sent in the form for my Uni card (dodgy photo and all!)

-Sort out a new bank account. I'm still comparing at the moment. I'm considering either Lloyds or NatWest - although I've had horrible problems with NatWest in the past.
-Bursaries. I'm not too sure what to do about these - I don't think I can apply until I get there, but a bit of extra cash would be nice if I'm eligible for it!
-Packing. I'm trying to keep down the amount of stuff I'll be taking. I think two bags of clothes and two boxes of other stuff (books and gadgets mostly!) should be enough. And two guitars - I play in a band where I need my electric, but I'd like to have my 12 string acoustic with me because it's my favourite!
-Pick my modules. I have a choice between learning Ancient Greek and Latin or "Working With Translations". I'm very tempted to take Greek and Latin - even though it sounds like more work and I'm terrible with languages anyway! I'm hoping there'll be someone I can talk to before I decide or at least someone that'll tell me if I can switch if it all gets too much...
-Shop. I don't need much - pens and paper, a couple of books (it looks like there's only two books I really *need* this year) and new socks - I'm really running out of socks at the moment! There are a couple of other things I'd really love to have, but don't really *need*. I've been looking for nice posters - I know there are always posters for sale when you get there, but I've got my heart set on the sort of stuff they probably won't have. Been looking for a poster of the cover of Hawkwind's "Space Ritual" album (either version) - not much luck so far! Another thing I'd really like is a couple of really big floor cushions - just so I can turn my bed into a sofa and feel like a proper grown-up! Finally, silly as it might sound, I'm trying to figure out if I need a chair or not! There's a desk in the room, but I don't know if there's a chair and I'd feel a bit strange asking! I'm planning on taking my camping chair just in case - at worst, I can make do with that until I can pick up a nice, cheap chair from somewhere!

I'm still not sure what else I need to be doing!


  1. I know the feeling! Hi, I'm Helen- I think you've noticed me lurking on the student rooms under 'chartam_plico'. I thought I'd say hello as we might see each other at Nottingham :)

    Have you been sent a letter with modules to pick from or something then? I haven't had anything like that.

  2. Hey there! Yep, we'll probably run into each other if we're both doing Classics stuff! :D I'll be the one with long rainbow-coloured hair!

    Not had a letter, but when I went for the interview they gave me lists of modules to look through - I think the second and third year ones were out of date though... But the options did seem to be the languages or translations for the first year :)

  3. I hope we do run into each other- the rainbow hair sounds intriguing! :) In fact, do you have msn or something like that?

    As I understand it, if your doing 'Classical civilisation' then you'll be able to do beginners latin OR beginners greek OR the working with translations module. I think you do well in one of the languages first year you might be able to switch to the course I'm doing, the 'pure' Classics and do both languages through second and third.

  4. I'm sure we will! Don't use MSN, but I'm on FaceBook as Thea Sigma if you use that :)

    Doing *one* language sounds a lot better to me - the Greek part sounds good - was never quite so keen on the Latin!