Wednesday, 25 August 2010

25 days - and I'm off!

This was never meant to be an everyday blog, but I will be taking a short break over the weekend. I feel odd about going away this close to Uni, but I'm not sure why...

I'm setting off to see Daevid Allen tomorrow night, followed by a bus down south and a ferry over to the Isle of Wight for Hawkfest!

Where I live at the moment is a little out of the way - only four busses a day, and that's if they feel like turning up! Nottingham is going to be so different. I've been there a fair bit (I have friends that live in Nottingham) so I've got at least a vague idea of how to find my way around. But the public transport system there still amazes me! When I got the bus up to my interview, it was one that came along every 15 minutes (I think?) and it announced where the next stop would be - very useful if you're heading into a part of the city that you don't know that well!

The cost of public transport has always been a bit of a problem for me. At the moment, it costs me £5 to go to the nearest town (return) and that's before I can get anywhere else. When I chose my accommodation, distance was a big consideration... I wanted to make sure I could walk it if I ran out of cash. I didn't realise that there was actually a *free* bus between where my halls are and the main campus! That's going to be a big help!

I quite like reading TSR because it allows people to share information which I find really comforting. I've found out how to look at my timetable for next year and know what to expect when I get there now because of what others there have posted. I spent most of last night looking through pictures of other people's rooms in halls - it's not strange, I promise! It was interesting to see the difference in rooms between universities, some were tiny and some were massive rooms! Some people also included pictures of the view from their rooms as well. Very interesting stuff!
I do get quite disappointed in some of the more "general" threads though. There seem to be a handful of threads each day involving the same people and ALL are obsessed with other people's weight and appearance (especially the former...) - I can't understand this obsession at all. It really makes me uncomfortable to hear some of the things that are said against total strangers based entirely on their size - do they have no other attributes you could possibly judge them by? It's all very strange and disappointing. Now that I've worked that much out, I can avoid those threads pretty easily, but it still seems so strange that they think they can tell everything about a person by their dress size!

Speaking of appearance, I need to dye my hair this evening - it's red and green at the moment, so I think I need more blue and purple!

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