Monday, 23 August 2010

Hello, internet!

My name is BrushieDuck, and I am going to University soon! Let's start with the basic things:

My name isn't *really* BrushieDuck... I just like ducks and toothbrushes. I'm 25 years old. Yes, I am a complete Grandma! I'm sort of glad I didn't go to Uni earlier, because I don't think I'd have made it through the first year. I would probably have picked a subject I didn't get on with, a Uni I wasn't happy with and wouldn't have put nearly enough thought into it. So I waited!

I'm going to be studying at Nottingham University. It wasn't my first choice until I went there... I'll be studying Classical Civilization - mostly Ancient Greek & Roman stuff - because it's what I find interesting. My other choices were all Egyptology. I like old history!

I like music. A lot. A bit too much... I do tend to act foolishly and put off important things like paying bills in order to see bands I like. This is a terrible habit and I'm trying to stop it. So far, it lasted all of an evening - then I bought tickets to another festival...

I'm looking forward to University a lot. I'm a bit worried about a lot of things though:
-I feel very old. I've been reassured by a lot of people that I will *not* be the only person there in my 20s, nor will I be the oldest person there. I still worry that I'll turn up and be seen as the creepy old person. I promise I'm not creepy!
-I feel rather dumb. I didn't go to Uni straight out of school. I didn't do much of anything when I got out of school really. Most of what I did when I was *in* school involved avoiding doing any work of any kind - I was bullied horribly and the less time I could spend there, the better. I'm worried that because I missed so much, I'll be far too stupid to complete my course. I've already done two years of Open University and got decent (not spectacular, not terrible) marks - but I still worry.
-I feel rather poor. I've never had a job that was more than part-time and I've got little in the way of savings. I've filled in all the forms for Student Finance and will investigate bursaries when I get there. I still worry what will happen if I run out of cash.
-I feel very confused. I'm pretty sure I've filled in all my forms now, but I worry there are other things I am supposed to do before I get there. I haven't begun to pack because I'm unsure what to take. I'm very worried there's some big, important thing I've forgotten to do...

Today, I signed up to (as BrushieDuck !) which has been fairly helpful! So far - but I'm still finding my way around!

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