Thursday, 9 September 2010

10 days - yikes!

I made the fatal mistake of phoning up to get my internet and phone line cut off (I had a separate line in the house - there's still the downstairs line) at the end of the month. Apparently the month ended *yesterday*. Oh well! I'm  borrowing internet from the family, which is ok and it works, but no massive downloads (it's so slow!)

The packing is still very much in the planning stage. I thought I'd got room for everything I wanted to take... Then my Mother (not usually the kind and caring sort) decided to take me clothes shopping for my birthday (which is actually on Monday, but I wasn't going to argue...) and bought me quite a lot of stuff! We went into Primark because we're common as muck and I got a load of pyjamas (I usually sleep in old band shirts and combats that are a bit too worn to be seen outside the house), a bathrobe (I've never actually owned one before!) and some sheets and a throw for my bed (seeing as my dalek duvet cover is for my double bed and would look strange on a single bed!).  She offered to buy me some more clothes as well, but I decided against it - partly because I have enough stuff to cart down there as it is and partly because I didn't want her "You can't have that, those are men's clothes!" argument again.

I've got SO many bits of paper to go through, I'm quite overwhelmed. I seem to get letters from Student Finance on a near-daily basis and they all look exactly the same. I've taken to giving them a quick look over to make sure they're still intending to give me money and then file them away with the rest (that's another thing I'm not looking forward to taking with me!). I've filled in and sent back everything I've found that needs filling in and sending back. I'm totally baffled as to what to do with the insurance thing (it looks like it's all sorted unless I want to pay for the extras?).

I need to get some more passport photos. I just sent two back with my language options form which leaves me with...none. (The first two might have gone towards my Hawkwind passport....) So I guess I'll need at least one more set. I can do that on Wednesday when I go to pick up my new glasses - I need stronger ones so thought it best to get that sorted pre-Uni.

I'm currently going through the One Thing They Didn't Tell You To Pack thread on TSR. Of course, there are a few *terribly* witty folks on there, but some good advice too! At the end of the thread I found the Cleverstudentmoney website as well. It seems to be a pretty new site, but looks very good so far! There's also the Guardian's Student Finance page. It's pretty similar to all the other advice I've been given (Set a budget! Have you considered pasta for every meal? Apple offer student discounts! - Nothing I can actually use, but might be useful to some!)

I've also applied for my NUS Extra card. I've seen divided opinion on these, but it seems to have a lot of discounts that I can see myself using/needing (5% off at Amazon, 10% off at Superdrug, Ticketmaster discounts, 10% off at Staples, Megabus discounts.... ) ok, so they're not massive discounts, but they do look useful!

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