Monday, 20 September 2010

Everything free!

Not  bad day today!

Managed find the breakfast place - they didn't ask for my card - just my name and hall. Came back to get my stuff and set out again.

Decided to walk from Jubilee to University Park for my health registration thing. It's not too far at all and I didn't get *too* lost!

Got there and queued up - handed in some forms, filled in others and then got sent through a mad maze of people giving me frisbees. They offered me jabs for meningitis and flu (because I'm asthmatic) for free, so I had some of them and they tested my breathing. I'm supposed to make an appointment at Cripps medical centre to review my asthma medication - I guess I'll need a phone card - more on that in a moment.

Glad I got there when I did - when I got there, the queue was halfway through the hall. When I left, it was right out of the building!

Had a bit of an explore and found the fresher's fair. It was a bit crowded and mad. Had some bloke try to get me to sign up to something with "top name crunk djs". I'm not sure some of those things are even words. I asked if they played any prog at his club and he let me go on my way.

I decided to take the free hopper bus back to Jubilee. It's not too bad - it wasn't too crowded when I got on, but when we got there, there were a LOT of people waiting to go to University Park.  

The telephone here confuses me. I don't have a calling card, because I've not figured out how or where to get them from (there's a leaflet, but I haven't read it) you can't just pick it up and dial - there's  a whole weird ritual just to get a dial tone... I've not needed to call anyone yet, so hopefully I'll figure it out before I have to!

Proper registration tomorrow. Bit scary! Going to get there early again to avoid being in a queue forever! I missed the campus tour today, so I might go on the one tomorrow instead. And after that I might attempt the fresher's fair again - I want to join the sci-fi society!

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