Tuesday, 14 September 2010

5 days!

It's really scaring me now! Less than a week and I've still got things to do!

Was at the dentist earlier - I've got awful teeth (like the rest of my family) and still need a fair bit of work. Sticking with my dentist at the moment seems like a bad option - it'd mean frequent trips back there (getting to Sheffield isn't too bad, but the pricey and unreliable excuse for a local bus service means that it'd cost a small fortune as well as limiting the times I can get there for) so I'll have to look up dentists when I get to Notts. Even assuming I can find one (oh yes, I'm an optimist!) how the hell am I going to pay for it?

I went looking into what help I can get for paying for dental treatment and came across the HC1/HC2 forms. I've tried google (mostly totally unrelated stuff or very out of date pages) and TSR (a bit of information to be found there - again, worried that it might be out of date in some cases). To be honest, the information on TSR was more useful... From the sound of it, the forms are a real nightmare - not looking forward to that! The idea that I can afford to get my teeth sorted out does sound good in any case.

Either way, I think I'll apply when I get there, no point sending off for anything in the post at this point - just in case it doesn't turn up in time! Sure I could get it sent on to me, but it's hassle.

As far as I can tell, the HC1 form can help me with my teeth and eye tests (which I'll probably need - my eyesight is slowly getting worse. New glasses tomorrow!) but the HC2 form (which I'm not sure if I'd qualify for...) means free prescriptions (I think...) which would be very useful - when my asthma gets bad the cost of medication can get a bit scary!

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