Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Busiest day for me so far...

Had to go and complete my registration. I thought this was going to be difficult and take a long time. It didn't. It took a few moments in the sports hall. It took longer to find the way out than it did to actually register...

Went to the Student Services bit to ask a lot of stupid questions - they were all very nice and helpful! I'm mostly sorted out now - just need to make a few phone calls (and figure out how to work the phone!)

Decided to take the campus tour - not as busy as I thought and half of them left part of the way around (why? Odd people!) but the bloke giving the tour was really friendly and useful. Grabbed a very quick sandwich for lunch and made tracks to the next bit...

Had an introduction thing to the Classics department. There's some rather scary people there! Filled in some forms, then went to meet my tutor. Got given some info about extra modules as well - I need to pick at least two more to make up my credits for the year. I'm seriously considering the Prehistory/bronze age ones. Got to get down to the Archaeology department tomorrow and sign up for those. Also signed up to Beginners Greek (yikes!) and Classics in Modern Media (which sounds like fun!)

My feet were hurty after that, so I came back home, had a brief relax and dinner. I'm horribly fussy, but so far the meals have been really good - nothing awful!

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