Monday, 13 September 2010

6 Days!

And it's my birthday!
Went out on Saturday with my mates - went for a meal, then to the pub for the evening and then back to my mate's house in Darwen. Sunday I went out with the extended family and tonight I'm off out with my Mother and Sister - still not sure where we're going! I'd like to go to Wagamama, but I don't think my sister would like anything there. Second choice would be some pizza place, but my mother can't have wheat - so that's out! I'm sure we'll work it out later...

Had a couple of other offers from people with cars to help me move. I might take one of them up on it - I'm not taking a whole lot, but I'm toying with the idea of getting a mate to help me move during the day, then meeting my Mother and sister later to show them where I'll be living - just to make sure they know it's not some drug-filled slum. My sister is entirely convinced that it will be! Nottingham is the Very Dangerous Crime Capital Of The Whole Wide World!!! Donchaknow! Or so she keeps telling me... I've wandered through Nottingham at night on my own before and so far I haven't been shot, stabbed or had anything worse than a drunk person singing at me a bit (and IIRC, that was in broad daylight...) I've got a vague idea of where the rough areas of town are, but I can't see much reason for me to go to them.

It's getting VERY close... Finally sorted my Uni username and email address. Should really think about packing!

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