Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Still busy!

Lots of work getting done! It's nice to be busy, but at the same time, I'm tired out!

Only really started lectures this week - before that I was mostly spending time filling in forms to try to get more money or get the extra modules I wanted. I've done both of those now and it all seems to have gone well, so I'm happy!

The first week of lectures have been ok. Greek is fun, but bloody difficult! The "Introduction to the Greek World" lectures look like they'll be good once it gets going - lots of interesting stuff on there! I'm taking an optional module for "Classics in Popular Culture" which looks like being fairly good fun - not sure why we're getting a lecture on Wonder Woman for that though! And the extra module I chose is about Prehistory to the first farmers - which sounds really interesting! Glad I got to the Archaeology department early for that one!

The halls I'm in are really nice. Starting to get to know people here. Had a hall meeting last night to help people get to know each other, it was nice and informal but it did clash with the LGBT meetup I wanted to go to! I've not really been that social here yet - I've been too tired! Got talking to one of the blokes on our floor in the laundry room last night - he seemed really worried that I hadn't been to any of the fresher's clubbing things. I don't think I missed much by the sound of it!  I'm looking forward to things like the Sci-Fi society and ClasSoc much more!

I havn't really explored Nottingham yet. That's the plan for today - I get Wednesdays off and I've done my homework, so I'm going on an adventure! I've pretty much got the busses sorted out. The ones that come up to the campus are ok, but if I walk to the end of the road there are loads more busses! Invested in a Mango card as well - just a pre-paid travel card you can use any time. Gives me a slight student discount as well. I'm not sure how often I'll need to go into town, but it's nice to have a convenient option for when I do! The idea I can just turn up and a bus will be there in a few minutes still bewilders me! Where I'm from there are only a few busses a day and they're less than reliable! Looking forward to exploring!

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