Friday, 17 September 2010

2 days?

That can't be right! I'm not ready!

I ended up going into town today, which I didn't really want to have to do because it takes all bloody day. But I needed a few things. I got some rechargeable batteries (always useful and hopefully it'll save some cash in the long run!) and some more passport photos (I heard I'll need some for registration? Either way, it'll save me looking for a photo machine!)

When I got home, I had an unexpected bill to deal with. Took over an hour to explain that I'd cancelled my account and I'd be moving at the weekend. They threatened me with all sorts of charges, legal action, debt collection agencies... At no point did I say I *wouldn't* pay the bill - I just wanted to make sure that was the last one they'd send. I'd hate to pay it and then get *another* one when I'm away and can't deal with it.

So that's taken up a lot of packing time... still going to get sorted in time, but it's a pain! Going to work on the clothes-packing tonight and then sort the boxes of stuff out tomorrow - hopefully followed by an early night for a good move!

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