Thursday, 16 September 2010

3 Days! Three!

Some thoughts on packing:

-Duvet and pillows take up an impossible amount of room.
-The bags I'm packing them in usually live atop the wardrobe. This means they are full of spiders.
-...and random bits of tat from festivals I forgot I ever went to...
-Despite what people on FaceBook tell me, I will not be taking these spiders with me.
-12 string guitars are bloody massive.
-I need to bring a screwdriver. It's become like a comfort blanket to me - as long as I have my screwdriver, I think I will be ok. It's not sonic (in case you were wondering) but it probably means I'm losing it a bit.
-Despite having nothing to wear half the time, I'm running out of room for my clothes.
-I'm leaving my hairdye at home. It'll only either explode in transit or get lost.
-I AM bringing my stylophone. And my kazoo. I didn't want friends anyway...
-Books! I was wondering which ones I wanted to take. I sort of forgot about the ones I'm going to NEED to take...
-I need to find some way of packing all my makeup that's least likely to result in a mess.
-And how to take my jewellery without it becoming a tangle of madness...

I know it looks like a LOT, but I don't think I'm over-packing. It's just a case of gradually stripping down everything I'm not going to need/use until I've just got the things I need the most. And some guitars... There'll be a photo post about the packing adventure at some point!

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